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All possible care is taken to protect your home. The appropriate hardware is removed from your tub, existing caulking is removed and the preparation begins. The surfaces to be refinished are chemically cleaned and then etched with a mild acid. All chips, cracks and related repairs are completed (unless otherwise discussed). The surface is sanded and then made as dust free as possible. Unlike many other companies, we mask the entire room prior to the spray process for maximum protection.

The first material applied is an acid based adhesive coat. This is the perfect bonding agent for the glaze finish, the finest synthetic porcelain product available today. The color you select is then catalyzed and applied.

The most commonly asked question is "how many coats are used?" The number of coats is not that important; the quality of material and the preparation before it's applied is essential.

For the average tub we use approximately three-quarters of a quart of material, producing an extremely hard, shiny, durable and long lasting finish with a realistic life expectancy of eight to twelve years. When the process is complete and the acrylic urethane has "skin cured," the room is unmasked and the tub is recaulked. The entire process takes about three to five hours for a tub. The resurfaced area must cure for an average of 24 hours prior to use.

The only way that you will know we were there is that your refinished surface will look as new as technologically possible.

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