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Friction — Tile Floor Safety Treatment

Wet tile floors can be such an accident waiting to happen that a local company, Paragon Projects, has decided to do something about it. They now offer Friction — Tile Floor Safety Treatment (FTFST) designed to help eliminate this painful, costly, bone-breaking and potentially deadly problem.

Friction — Tile Floor Safety Treatment borrows a technology from the computer chip manufacturing industry: micro-etching. By micro etching just the very, very top surface of the tile (or tub) you are actually increasing the surface area of the substrate that will be in contact with your feet. The treated surface normally looks the same to the naked eye but if you would put it under a microscope you would now see millions of peaks and valleys where the micro silica surface once was. When your foot makes contact with the wet tile surface now, the water can be evacuated and the bare foot or shoe almost feels like it has formed a “suction” to the floor.

This one-time treatment system works on most ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, tile shower stalls, bathroom tile floors and tubs for both commercial and residential properties. Results may vary from floor to floor, but in general an increase of just 0.2 in the Coefficient Of Friction (COF, which is the measurement for slip-resistance) over the A.D.A. guideline minimum of 0.6 will decrease the risk of slipping by an estimated factor of over ten million!

Who should use our FTFST? Anyone and everyone — hotels, bars, fitness clubs, restaurants and, our largest customers, senior care facilities. Anyone with a tile floor who wants to reduce the chances of a workman’s comp claim or a lawsuits from a slip-and-fall accident. Let’s not forget the home owner who just wants to protect their family from an injury around their house.

Remember, no one can make a floor “slip proof.” But you can make it safer.

Paragon Projects has been a local leader in the specialty coating and treatment business since 1996. They offer their services in such coatings as bathtub and wall tile refinishing, cement protective coatings and other problem solving treatments and finishes. They can be reached at 610-325-3331 or visit them at

“If you want traction you must first have FRICTION — Stick with US!”

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