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Care and Cleaning

Clean and care for your refinished tub exactly as you would a new tub. Treat it like it’s Teflon for years of trouble-free enjoyment.


  • Do use Scrub- Free,® Lysol Tub & Tile,® Comet Non-abrasive Bathroom Cleaner any liquid or aerosol.
  • Do use a nylon “Dobie Pad”® type scrubber, if needed.
  • Do keep faucets tight and maintained, free of drips or leaks.
  • Do dry tub after each day of use.
  • Do use a non-suction-cup bath mat or slip protection.


These are the same directions you get on a new tub.

  • Don’t use Soft Scrub® or any abrasive cleansers.
  • Don’t leave soap, bottles, or wet cloths standing on your new surface.
  • Don’t use suction cup type bath mats.
  • Don’t leave bath mat in tub after use.

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